Chevron Refinery Fire in California

August/08/2012 17:43PM
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Be careful what you wish for, it might happen.

No where in the world is there a greater concentration of people who hate hydrocarbons than you will find in San Francisco. True believers in climate change and alternative energy reside there in greater preponderance.

The lack of common sense about energy and economics seems non-existent.

Sorry, but an industrial accident at the Chevron refinery, unfortunate, but always a possibility when you heat hydrocarbons to hundreds of degrees, is about to bring you financial hardship.

The immediate impact, a 25 cent increase in your gasoline pump price. Since your price is already near the highest in the country, you may want to buy a bicycle.

This might last as long as six months, so get used to it.

You see, your gasoline doesn’t come from Obama, your girl Pelosi, the sun, the wind, or from the Sierra Club. It comes from the Chevron refinery in your backyard. If there is none there, retailers will be buying on the water. Shipped in from Europe, the US Gulf Coast, or wherever it’s available. You will pay the freight to get it there. Ask Chicago, we just saw a shortage here and enjoyed a quick 25 cent increase.


Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire.

But, here’s the lesson. We are running a lot of 100 year old refineries in this country. Most motorists think we can do without them. Politicians do also.

You good people in San Fran may get the picture in the next six months.

Here it is in a nutshell. We can’t conduct our daily business without gasoline. We can’t have reasonably priced gasoline without gasoline. Ask Iran.


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