What is Keeping the US Economy Afloat?

July/13/2012 16:18PM
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According to a study by Bank of America, it’s lower energy costs. By their numbers, the US benefits to the tune of $727.2 million a day from our new  energy advantages. This includes natural gas, and the impact that it has on utility costs, energy exports, including coal, and new energy finds.  U.S. natural gas prices are down 90% since 2003.  The US is exporting natural gas and diesel fuel. The estimate predicts this energy benefit, mostly from fracking shale for gas and oil, may hit $1 billion a day before the end of this year. Importing oil from Canada vs. the Middle East has added to these benefits.

Who will support this energy benefit and use it to add more jobs and improve the economy? Not President Obama. He has fought every energy benefit that has softened the economic collapse every step of the way. Can you say Keystone Pipeline? Can you say cutting offshore drilling to the bone? Can you say an EPA that is going after fracking? Can you say Solyndra?

What is having the biggest negative impact on the US economy? As yet another California city files bankruptcy this month, they tell us it’s public employee salaries and benefits. Retirement promises made that can’t be paid. Who is one of the strongest supporters of public employee unions and benefits. Obama, of course.

I’m trying to make this simple of all of us. Our president is against the benefits we get from increased energy independence. He says he isn’t, but his actions show otherwise. He is strongly for the biggest enemy of the US economic recovery, public employee union wage and retirement benefits.

This might make your decision in November easier. Romney will embrace more energy independence. Romney will work to make public employee costs reasonable.

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