Obama Wrong Again

July/30/2012 16:47PM
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From his very first promise to close Gitmo, to whatever his last promise might be after he loses the election in November, Obama has been consistent. Consistently wrong. This is where his lack of experience in the private sector really shows.

His billions investing in dreams like Solyndra will all be lost when it’s said and done. His billions in investing in electric cars will flush down that same drain. It’s not his money he’s flushing, it’s yours. And, he wants more to flush. His ads on the Olympic coverage say it’s easy to fix the economy, all we have to do is take more from the rich(businessmen making $250K) and give it to him so the middle class can get a fair shake.

Before you give him one penny more or one vote more, consider this.

Obama bet the farm on electric cars. He wants to up the ante on the $7,500 rebate to get you to buy one, it just isn’t enough. It costs $20,000 more to make one than to make a conventional car. He bet the farm on electric cars while his EPA was closing down power plants that used coal. That replacement power was to come from Solyndras that he invested your tax dollar in to produce “clean power”.   But, even if they worked, the cost of the “clean power” was going to be twice the cost of the power lost as he closed the coal plants. Cutting electric power and touting electric cars. See, that’s how the terminally moronic think, or don’t think.

Meanwhile, despite Obama, there’s this big boon with natural gas produced through fracking. Cheap natural gas. Americans are not stupid. They get it. Obama gives us far too little credit for having far more common sense that he possesses. Even the marginal possessors of common sense beat Biden, who sets the bar at none.

Electric cars aren’t selling, but guess what is selling? CNG cars fueled by cheap natural gas. Without fanfare or rebates, they will outnumber plug ins by 2 to 1 by year’s end. Honda can’t make enough Civic Natural Gas cars to meet demand. Buyers are putting a compressor on the garage wall for $4,000, installed, and it’s costing them 80 cents a gallon to drive. A network of fueling stations are being set up around the country, since so many trucks are expected to convert as well. The cost to make the Honda CNG is $5,000 more vs. the $15,000 to 20,000 for the plug in cars.

This is despite zero advertising and no showroom displays for the Honda. And, consumers being given the one choice. Cars manufacturers who aren’t being run by Obama and the UAW are watching the Honda experience and they will be reacting soon. In Illinois, you might pay $28,000 for the Honda Civic CNG, then get a federal tax credit of $4,000 and a state credit, also $4,000. The car pays for itself at about 70,000 miles with the fuel savings.

When the Honda was first introduced in 1998 80% went to fleets. In 2011 80% went to consumers. Consumers who are far brighter than our president. He’s thrown billions at electric cars and will throw even more billions at them to prove he was right when he was wrong.

You see he doesn’t understand and never will that he can’t dictate what you buy. Left to your own choices,  you will do the homework that he and his band of fools can’t fathom. It’s really pretty simple. The country is awash in natural gas. It’s cheap and since more drilling is going on, should remain cheap. It’s clean and as more and more cars are sold, more and more fueling options will become available. If you drive 25,000 miles a year, your car is free after 3  years with fuel costs and rebates.

How does a president get it wrong every time? It’s  not on the teleprompter. How do I know I’m right? Because, California, a state with a political IQ of 2, is looking at passing a law that will require that 15.4% of new vehicles sold there by model year 2025 have zero tailpipe emissions. CNG is below gasoline but not zero. So, the right decision, as always, is the opposite of California. Everything they have done has been wrong for 25 years. That’s how the state got where it is today. Obama is closing in on California in only 4 years. He can always count on California in an election year.

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