Obama Blows $2 Billion in Tax Dollars

July/04/2012 16:02PM
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The US troops fired on the Pakistani army killing several. We returned fire and were likely justified. The Pakistani government demanded an apology. Hillary and Barack refused. We froze a billion in military aid. They banned us from using their ground routes to deliver supplies to Afghanistan. This has been going on for nine months.

Today, after spending over two billion dollars to fly those supplies, Hillary delivered the apology. Plus the billion in military aid will now be delivered.

Like every other country that takes on the US these days, the US loses.

Like most government spending these days, another $2 billion was blown with no gain.

Which do  you like more, becoming a nation that can’t manage foreign relations or an irresponsible steward of taxpayer dollars?

Click the link below to remind yourself of how little the current administration cares about a few billion dollars.


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