July/31/2012 16:53PM
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Watch this and you will see how ineptocracy works in a politician’s favor.

All of this explains why this election is the most important in most of our lifetimes.

Capitalism is what made America unique. Freedom to invest in an idea, unfettered by excessive government regulation, was unique to America. Today, few can explain or understand capitalism. Capitalism has been under attack for most of my lifetime. In the past 25 years the attacks have been more intense and better organized. It’s starts in the schools. It is seen every day in the media. It becomes hard to get past it all, it’s like an illness than saps the energy. People who succeed are bad, people who need help are good. Funny how the obscenely wealthy, like Buffett and Gates soon turn on the very system that made them rich. At some point they become flaming liberal socialists. Guess that little story in the Bible about how it’s easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven hit’s home.

This is the last round up. Four more years of Obama will insure that this country will never see the form of capitalism that made us unique again. We will be France at best and more like California or Greece at worst.

When a country’s ambition is lost and all the people line up to get the handouts, we’re Detroit.

Think about it, and do something about it if you still care.

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