Hiring a President

July/18/2012 16:30PM
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In my business career, I made hundreds of employee staffing decisions. Hiring people, transferring people, promoting people, and firing people.

I am grateful we used a system dramatically different than the process this country uses to elect a president. It was a simple, but effective process. We made mistakes, but when you are making people decisions, mistakes are inevitable.

If I were asked today to decide whether Barack Obama keeps his job or not, it would be an easy decision.

First, I would find he rarely worked in the last four  years. He took lot’s of vacations, campaigned, held and attended fund raisers, traveled abroad, and spoke to the press almost daily.

Next, I would look at his leadership skills. In all cases he comes up short. He doesn’t work well with the other teams. He rarely calls or visits anyone on the legislative team. Despite a promise when he took the job to make things work better with the other teams, he has failed and made few efforts to try to make it better. There was a public display of outrage by a member of the Judicial branch on national TV when Obama made an inappropriate comment about the group. In all, things have never been worse between the three groups.

He says his greatest shortcoming is not having a story for the public. Baloney, he is failing because he makes bad decisions. He has found too many stories to tell the public. In fact, the public can’t believe anything he says anymore.

He blames everyone else for his failures. Not a good trait in the private community.

His greatest talent, his speaking skills, the talent that got him the job, is becoming suspect. He comes across as whiny and arrogant.

We never should have hired him to begin with. His resume was solely lacking for the job. His attendance at every job has been sketchy. He’s always working on the next job, not the current job.

I don’t care where he was born, whether he ate dog or not, what his college transcripts say, what his true religious beliefs are, whether he bought Reverend Wright’s rhetoric, or whether his wife hates America or not.

His record says he is failing at this job. That’s all that matters. Why would a small business or a big business give him any more time or more chances? In a word, he sucks. It’s time to free him from this burden. This job he hates so much.

Romney, has a better resume. He is the better man. I don’t care if he cut a kid’s hair in prep school, if he put a dog in a cage on top of the car, if he outsourced jobs, if he’s a Mormon, or if he’s not the most charismatic man. I don’t care if he’s rich, has offshore accounts, or if he used tax shelters. Those are not the reasons we are looking at him for this job.

I care about the success he had in business. I care about the success he had fixing a failing Olympics. I like his track record as a governor.  I see leadership qualities in the man. I see a man who will try to work with the other two teams he shares power with in Washington.  I see a man who would never enter into a business deal with Tony Rezko. A man who is above Chicago politics. I see character, modesty, and a track record that goes far beyond the other candidate for the job.

These are the reasons we hire people, and the reasons we ignore when we hire people. We need to apply these same processes to hiring our next president. We should ignore the media and make a good decision based on our common sense and experience.

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