Has America Lost it’s Moral Compass?

July/21/2012 16:00PM
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The midnight massacre in Aurora, Colorado is yet another unexplainable tragedy.

The politics have already begun. Mayor Bloomberg challenged Obama and Romney to come forth with their solutions. (Hint: more gun control laws that don’t work)  ABC News  incorrectly aired a story claiming the shooter was a Tea Party supporter. Need more proof of major media bias and incompetence? There it is.

Now the media will give this tragedy wall-to-wall coverage for the next several days. Does this notoriety motivate the unbalanced to commit these atrocities?

With ABC and other entertainment establishments producing more and more gratuitous violence in prime time, is this a factor in the escalation of real violence? The movie the victims were attending is a violent movie.

Is the Internet a factor? We do know the young man who perpetrated the Tuscon massacre was a violent games player and seemed to only have friendships vicariously via the Internet.

When self- proclaimed atheists like Bill Maher have their own TV show and personally contribute $1 million to the Obama campaign, is this a positive influence?

All these years of the ACLU protecting the rights of people who commit crimes may have created some of structure for misguided actions.

I have no answers for this, but I was in Arizona when Jerod Loughner shot so many innocent people. I watched Obama come and tell the world we need to get along better. Since, I have never witnessed worse behavior from a president. The liberal media blamed the Tea Party, right-wing conservatives, etc. History  has shown most violence springs from the liberal side. Who tore up buildings in Madison, Wisconsin, and why did the police have so many problems with the Occupy people? Has there ever been a problem at a Tea Party rally?

To my knowledge there was never an incident like this during my parent’s generation. The first one I remember was the Texas Tower shooter.

What is so toxic in our country today that violence is the way people deal with psychological issues? We’ve had “going postal”, violence in the workplace. We’ve had Columbine and school shootings. Will we see more theater shootings? We have the Penn State scandal. Kids can’t walk down the street without adult supervision. We never had kids pictures on milk cartons when I was a kid.  Kids die on the streets in Chicago every day. Oklahoma City, Virginia Tech, the Washington DC snipers, etal.

Something is seriously wrong with our society today. Government will be asked to fix it once again. But, government is not the solution. Innocence is gone. Kids are exposed to a raging sewer of violence, sex, and inappropriate behavior. Families don’t sit around the dinner table and discuss things. If they sit there, their kids are texting while the parents are talking.

Mental illness has always been around. But, now it seems to blossom into violence. Understanding that connection will take mental health experts to solve.

There will be a lull, then Obama may make another speech. He will have to cease his nasty attacks on Romney, Republicans, Bush, and others on his hate list, but not having a conscience, this won’t be a problem.

We can only hope and pray that this country can find a way to stop this before it gets intolerable.

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