Reid Discusses Pacquiao-Bradley Fight

June/16/2012 16:44PM
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Isn’t it nice to know our senators have their priorities right? And, what two men would you pick to put together a bill to have the federal government run boxing? Senators Harry Reid and John McCain, right?

Here’s what I envision boxing would look like with Reid and McCain running the sport.

First of all, boxers would be unionized. Sixty percent of all fight revenues would go to union dues, with 80% of that going to Reid’s campaign fund, since he is the senator from Nevada where most fights take place ,and ,as we know, 80% of or more of all union dues go to the democrats. There would be 10,000 pages of work rules for the boxers.

Next, diversity would be critical. There would be gay and lesbian champs, vertically challenged champs, undocumented champs, senior champs, etc.

Boxing rings would need to meet the American’s with Disabilities standards, wheelchair accessible, etc.

The crowd would elect the winner. Voting machines would be present, but there would be no requirement for a picture ID card. Hanging chads would be part of the process. The winner would be announced by US Mail in no more than 90 days after the fight takes place.

Don King would be Obama’s Tsar of Boxing so everything would be on the up and up.

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