Obama’s Answer-Spend More

June/15/2012 16:33PM
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The president appeared at a campaign rally in Ohio and presented his solution for fixing the economy, spend more. Four  years of trillion dollar deficits isn’t enough, we need to spend more. Double down, the president said. Is this man brilliant or what? Do more of what isn’t working, what a plan.

This is what the president and his high-powered staff came up with after James Carville wrote him a letter warning him he will lose the election if he doesn’t develop, and present, a plan to fix the economy.  Blaming Bush, blaming Republicans, blaming Europe, blaming the tsunami, hell, probably blaming this blog, just won’t get it done.


Demonizing Romney won’t work. Perhaps trailing Romney in the latest Ramussen Poll by 4 points is creating panic in the party.

Demonizing the rich “fat cats” while using Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick to raise money while he hobnobs with their “fat cat” friends, seems hypocritical.

Spend more. You have to be someone who expects more from a government that can’t pay what it owes now to buy this plan. In four more years the majority of Americas will meet that criteria if Obama is reelected.

Spend more.

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