Obama Supporters in 2008 and how they Fared

June/23/2012 16:42PM
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Let’s take a look at the people who got Obama elected in 2008 and how they have benefited from his presidency.

1. Black Americans. Highest unemployment in history

2 Hispanics. Highest unemployment in history. Record deportations.

3. Wall Street. Public humiliation, called fat cats, and Dodd Frank with more to come

4. Jewish Americans. Obama told Israel to give back land to Palestine. Dissed the Prime Minister.

5. Catholic supporters. Forced to provide birth control against faith. Several Catholic lawsuits on this issue.

6. Oprah. Dissed by Michele.

7. Early Chicago supporters who kick started Obama’s political career. Most have never heard from Obama.

8. Attorneys. Law firms are going broke in record numbers and 50% of recent law school graduates can’t get a job.

9. Reverend Wright. Obama’s mentor for 20 years is persona non grata. After teaching Obama how to orate and introducing him to key blacks in Chicago, this is the thanks he gets.

Does any of this surprise you. When a person believes he is always the smartest person in the room, prefers his own company to that of others, takes no counsel or criticism, and believes the power of his speech can fix anything, why would he care about those who got him the job. Until, of course, it’s time to get their help to keep the job.

Good luck, Mr. President. People have long memories.

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