Obama is a Lawless President

June/26/2012 16:27PM
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President Obama has no regard for the Constitution or the laws of our nation.

He sits with playing cards of the people we have decided could be a threat to our country. Without any due process of law or even concern for collateral damage, he picks one and has a drone kill that person and anyone nearby. Totally illegal.

His administration leaks classified information that makes the president look good.  He has Holder name the attorneys who are to look into the leaks. Leaks that are illegal. One of those named is a big contributor to Obama in 2008. Some legal experts suspect Obama has declassified those documents leaked just in case the investigation confirms the leaks came from his National Security Director, the popular choice for the leaks. Not illegal if declassified, but illegal if they weren’t .

He provides amnesty to 800,000 illegals despite the law of the land and without a change to the law.

After the Supreme Court gives Arizona the OK on the traffic stop portion of the Senate Bill 1070, he has his Homeland Security Director advise Arizona that they will no longer work with the state to remove those detained by the law enforcement agencies in Arizona. Despite the law.

He protects his Attorney General from the Fast and Furious investigation with an executive order, which many legal experts deem an illegal use of executive order.

The extremes Holder is taking to withhold the documents requested by the Congressional Committee investigating Fast and Furious suggests Holder may be protecting Obama. If so, Obama may be asking Holder to perjure himself before Congress.

Isn’t it nice to have someone worse than Nixon in the White House?

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