Money Wins Elections

June/08/2012 16:11PM
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Many in the liberal media, led by MSNBC, blamed the election results in Wisconsin on one thing. Republicans money came into the state and dwarfed the money spent by the unions. So that’s it as far as the liberal media is concerned. If you spend more money you win the election.

Has it really come to that in this country? Is that why Obama is spending all his time the past two years fund raising? Does he believe it’s all about how much campaign money you have to spend?

I think that underestimates the voters in America. But, after this country elected a president who has been in over his head from day one, nothing surprises me.

Seems to me the voters in Wisconsin see positive things happening in their state. Results seemed to count. Most who were interviewed before the election were tired of the campaign ads. They just wanted it to be over. The rest of the country will be there by early October. We’ll be pining for bad car commercials again.

Money may count, but this election will be hard to buy. The incumbent president has not delivered on his last campaign promises, beginning with the promise to close Gitmo.

With each passing day he seems like a man who is trapped in a job he hates. Real work seems either above him or below him. Leadership to him is a teleprompter speech. Even the speeches and the cadences that were so inspiring four years ago are becoming robotic and tiresome. His  excuses, the blame game, and the demagoguery of all who oppose him more tiresome. His gaffes more frequent, like the Polish Death Camp speech that resulted in a written apology to Poland. His minions more clownish. The need to find blame to place more frequent.

Then there’s the Clinton question. Is Bill Clinton trying to make sure Obama doesn’t get a second term? Why? Is Bill really a patriot who fears for the country, or does Bill carry a grudge for Hillary, or is it simply a lack of respect? In the best selling book, The Amateur, the author claims Bill put the tag on Obama, the amateur. Even Oprah is done with Obama.

Obama will raise more money than Romney. In November we will see if money is the only thing that wins elections.

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