Jimmy Carter Re-Runs

June/11/2012 6:30AM
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Photo of James Carter

Having enjoyed the campaign where Carter tried to get a second term and ran against Ronald Reagan, I see some similarities this year.

As the year progressed and the  campaign heated up there was a feeling sweeping the country that the incumbent president just wasn’t cutting the mustard. It wasn’t that the public didn’t like Carter, there was just a growing concern that he was the wrong man for the job. Carter, himself, seemed overwhelmed by the job.

Too many things were going in the wrong direction.

More and more voters began to think that Reagan, despite his Hollywood roots, was making sense. But, it was more of a “we can’t give Carter four more years”, than a Reagan is the perfect man for the job, sense.

I’m seeing that same thing in this campaign. Obama looks less competent every day and even so overwhelmed he can only step up what he loves to do, fund raise and campaign. Too many people, even Democrats, wonder if the man ever works. Or, if he likes the job. Look at all the speculation about why Bubba keeps deep sixing his own party president.  It’s like Clinton cares more about the country and puts that above supporting a man who might do far more harm to the country if he had to serve four more years without fund raising and campaigning chores.

Deja Vu Yogi, it seems like I woke  up and it’s 1979 all over again. Except, what little hair I have is white and I have all these aches and pains.

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