Is Bill Clinton Stumping for Obama?

June/07/2012 16:11PM
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Former president Bill Clinton roiled the presidential campaign Tuesday with comments in an interview with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo in which he called for continuing all the current income tax rates into early 2013, as opposed to President Obama who wants income tax rates on higher-income people to go up at the start of 2013. Clinton also said the economy is still in a recession.

It was the second time in a week that Clinton had appeared to go “off message” from the Obama campaign and to put distance between himself and the president. In comments on CNN last week, Clinton defended GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney’s role as head of Bain Capital, praising Romney as a man who “had a sterling business career

Seems that Obama has no one to stump for him. Biden is too gaffe prone and more like a circus clown. Axelrod looks like a Marx brother and is far too abrasive. So, he’s down to slick willy. Clinton has recovered from his damaged image when he left office and represents a president who led the country in a period of prosperity. Here’s the rub. Obama can’t put words in Clinton’s mouth, Clinton can’t forget what Obama did to Hilary, and Clinton has no respect for Obama. You  have to wonder whether Clinton doesn’t really want Obama gone. He’s like a double agent.

He’s just undermined the two basic foundations of Obama’s weak campaign  platform. Bain capital is evil and tax the millionaires and billionaires. What does Obama have left to propose? How about  the valuable role public unions play in America? No, Wisconsin just took that away. How about the great jobs Democratic governors are doing in states like California and New York? Maybe he can just drone on about  the drones he’s dropping on terrorists? No, that brings up his world tour just after taking office apologizing for America’s harsh treatment of terrorists. The economy? No. Jobs? No. The stock market? No. Debt and deficit? No. Congress not passing his budget? No. There was zero votes for that budget, not one Democrat voted yes.

I guess we’ll just go with hope and change, that worked well last time.

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