Holder Loses Another Big Profile Lawsuit

June/22/2012 16:37PM
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How many millions has Eric Holder spent trying John Edwards and Roger Clemens? The results were similar in both cases. Juries came back with not guilty verdicts. On  deck will be the Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of the madate provision of Obamacare. Meanwhile, Holder faces a contempt of congress change if he doesn’t provide hundreds of pages of documents in the Mexican gun running case. Lastly, neither democrats nor repubicans are happy with his plan to investigate leaks coming out of the inner circle on very sensitive confidential informantion.

And, Obama, who gets everything wrong is using executive priviledge to protect Holder. Isn’t that interesting? No upside gain, just preventing downside exposure.

The month Holder is having sums up the Obama presidency. First, make a bad choice to fill an important cabinet position.  Then watch as the bad choice makes lots of bad choices. Continue to watch as the bad choice under fire responds with arrogance as if there were no problems. Don’t do anything until you see what this is doing to your poll numbers. Now, go to Valarie Jarrett to see what you should do.

This is really getting painful to watch.

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