EPA Administrator Tells the Truth

June/09/2012 16:37PM
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Back in 1992, in his speech to the Republican National Convention, Pat Buchanan railed against the “environmental extremists who put birds and rats and insects ahead of families, workers, and jobs.”

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For whom is it painful? The consumers in America who are only being saved from record high electricity prices by cheap natural gas prices. Fracking, which Lisa Jackson also wants to stop. The coal miners who are losing their jobs? The utility workers at coal-fired power plants who are losing their jobs? For the Obama reelection, where coal jobs are being lost, lost votes may be painful to Obama. He has no chance in West Virginia and is losing steam, forgive the pun, in Pennsylvania.

Should one person have this much power? Should Lisa Jackson destroy jobs and close power plants because she believes in wind, solar and the Easter Bunny? Spain believed in those too, and look where that got them.

This is clear example why Obama is toxic to the economy. By regulation without regard to common sense, his cast of clowns slap down business at every level.

The whole business community feels like the coal industry. When is it my turn? When is the next fool, like this guy in the video, going to show up and tell them how to run their business. Then whine about how painful it is to deliver the message. The pain is on the receiving end, not the delivery end.

You want jobs, you want a better economy, you want a good life for your kids and grand kids, then you fire this clown in the video, fire Lisa Jackson, then fire her boss, President Obama. Until we do, this is what we will have.

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