Obama’s Dilemna

May/08/2012 16:30PM
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Obama keeps extending unemployment. The unemployed stop looking for work. The unemployed off unemployment can’t find jobs. More boomers retire opening more jobs.

I know of a job opening where at least two applicants said they can make more on unemployment than they can by taking the job. The more Obama incents people to stay on unemployment the harder it is to get the unemployment numbers down. If the numbers stay up, Obama will not be reelected. At least this month the media couldn’t hide the facts. The stock market drop prevented that. The percentage went down, but the number of people who stopped looking for work exceeded the number of new jobs.  As this keeps getting hammered home, the percentage means less than the true number of Americans who are unemployed, underemployed, or have just stopped looking for work. That is the number that will determine the outcome of the election.

If Obama stopped extending unemployment, jobs would get filled and unemployment numbers would go down, real numbers, not the voodoo economic numbers advertised now. But, if he stops extending unemployment benefits he won’t be reelected either.

He’s as we say, in the trick bag. he can’t fix the problem. Paying people not to work assures people don’t look for work. Not paying people not to work means Obama loses his pay people not to work support.

This should be interesting to watch as the election nears.

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