Obama Jumped the Shark

May/04/2012 16:14PM
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The term “jumping the shark” came from a Happy Days TV episode where the Fonz jumped  a shark on water skis. It was too much, even for Fonzie fans, ratings dropped and the show was done.watch?v=MDthMGtZKa4

This week,  the only president in my lifetime who never does anything right, did something right, he “jumped the shark.”

His tacky, classless cadre of advisers pushed him across the line. This president, who has never once shown any ability to take responsibility for his pathetic performance, suggested in a TV ad that Romney would not have ordered the attack that killed bin Laden.

Just think about that for one second. Then another. Did Ike ever say Stevenson would not have ordered DDay. Or, Truman suggest Dewey would not have dropped the bombs that ended the war with Japan?

Keep in mind it was the brave Navy Seals who killed bin Laden, not Obama who was on the golf course. Navy Seals who are men. Men who don’t feel like victims because they are asked to to tough things. Men who don’t look at the rest of us and say, I’m great because I do tough things and you’re a wimp because you don’t.

On the playground, in my day, if someone said to someone else, ”  I did this brave thing(actually, I ordered someone else to do the brave thing, I just watched) and you are a chicken because you wouldn’t do it”, a fight usually ensued. Our fathers had come back from war and they taught us every day how men behaved. Dads didn’t talk about the war and what brave things they did there. Men just didn’t do that. They served their county and that was what was expected of them and their generation. It didn’t make them special since most of the block had done the same thing.

This president never fails to show he is not above doing or saying anything to make him look better than his results show him to be. This time he went too far. Most Americans have done tough things and very few run for office based on those experiences. But, if that’s all you’ve got, I guess it’s all you can do.  Jump that shark, President Obama.

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