Life is Not Coffee

May/30/2012 16:05PM
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This is making the rounds of the Internet.

Personally, I disagree. I don’t give a hoot what kind of cup I use.  I pick one that I can get my big thumb through. I like coffee a lot. Drink way too much. So, I pick a big cup. For most of my life, even today, this is my cup of choice.

You see, I think this is a good example of what students get in excess from professors today. It isn’t socialism, but it borders on something close. When you reach my age, you spend more time reflecting on your life. When I do that, his cup analogy, the pursuit of material possessions never comes into my mind. Planting regrets is what professors do best. Regrets, I have few. Thank you, Professor Plum.

Stress in life comes mostly from what you don’t do, not what you do accomplish. If you’re not doing your very best at the key things in your life, you will get stress. You know in your heart you might lose your job or your marriage or both. I’ve never tried to outdo the Jones’, so I can’t relate to the professor’s stress story.  If you do your best, and it’s working, you may need to reward yourself with a vacation or a fishing boat or even a  new house. Without some reward, why keep busting your chops? You might as well become a monk.

Or, a professor, working at a university that keeps raising tuition every year without raising the level of education, and producing graduates who can’t compete in the global market. Instead, producing graduates who owe thousands in student loans and have no qualifications to get a job. But, you, professor, you have tenure, you don’t have accountability. Why should you worry about doing the very best job? Why work to produce the very best education for the tuition gouge you can get away with? Poor education and higher tuition just means a bigger student loan.  It’s good that you have little stress in your life, unless you have a conscience, of course.

Just sit around the kitchen and tell those poor, broke, unemployed graduates who come to see you stories about coffee cups. Then send them out to join an Occupy Wall Street Movement.

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