Hey-Big Spender

May/22/2012 16:27PM
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Our president met with the G-8 at Camp David. Never daunted by his actual performance, he took that opportunity to lecture them about how they can fix their economies, which are threatening a US recovery. His solution, “you need to spend money to foster growth and dial back the austerity”.

I’m sure his advice to California and Illinois would be the same.

Here’s a fact, Mr. President, they don’t have any money to spend, nor can they borrow more. They are what the business community calls, broke. I know the community organizer business never runs out of money or goes broke. But, here’s another fact, they may be in Greece, California, and Illinois.

You got the US credit rating downgraded. Now, they are warning us they may do it again.

You will see this advice played back to you in the campaign. It will be hitched to your Stimulus Bill you are trying to forget.

Obama lectures Europe, “what you need is a stimulus package. Look how it worked for me.”

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