Flooding For the Humpback Chub

May/29/2012 16:36PM
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Cute little devil, isn’t he? The humpback chub is an endangered species. But, in ObamaLand, no expense should ever be spared, nor energy source not squandered, to gain the votes of the few hundred thousand militant environmentalists. With cabinet secretaries who have IQ’s like a spring day in Siberia, it becomes very easy to lobby them for great ideas. For example, running guns into Mexico.

ancient endangered humpbach chub

Here’s the latest great idea. Let’s flood the Grand Canyon to save the humpback chub. Fishermen know a chub is a minnow that is commonly used for bait. This one is no exception. One of the most beautiful fish I ever fished for, and caught, is the Rainbow Trout. Rainbow in the Colorado River eat Humpback Chubs, just like trout do all over the world. Evidently there are too many trout eating too many chubs. Kind of a “flood is coming, do I pump the water, or raise the ceilings” kind of issue.  With the current administration, it’s always, “raise the ceilings”. Dolt mentality. How about more fishermen catching rainbow trout?

Here’s what it will cost to “perhaps” save the humpback chub. Power companies will lose from $8 to $120 million in revenue since water will be diverted from turbines to conduct the flood. Human lives will be lost even though Secretary Salazar says there will be warnings posted that rafters will be traveling at twice the speed. Some say more rainbow trout will be spawned to wipe out the few humpbacks that will be spawned by creating more sandbars for them. Native Americans are worried that sacred burial sites may be damaged.

Sounds like a high risk trade off . Especially, if you live in the area and get a raise in your power bill, eh? You must be an ignorant right-winger who doesn’t understand that we must keep our environmental zealots happy. At any cost. Wise up and buy a “Save the Humpback Chub” tee shirt, today.

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