EPA Shows True Colors

May/05/2012 16:42PM
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The AP reports that EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz resigned after taking heat for comments that he said his office’s philosophy was to “crucify” oil and gas companies:

In a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson sent Sunday, Al Armendariz says he regrets his words and stresses that they do not reflect his work as administrator of the five-state region including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Armendariz has a history of attacking–dare I say “crucifying”–energy producers and working closely with anti-energy advocates in Texas.

Last Friday, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said Armendariz’s words were “disappointing” and didn’t reflect how her agency works. “[T]hey’re not representative of the agency; they don’t reflect any policy that we have; and they don’t reflect our actions over the past two years.”

EPA’s losing streak continues.

Click on the link and you can see the actual comments.

This article was from the US Chamber of Commerce website. Authored by Sean Hackbarth.

This is from me. Lisa Jackson is lying. This is the EPA mission under Obama and Jackson. This is exactly what the EPA has been doing to power plants, refineries, drilling operations, and any industry that is not deemed green by Obama.

This is why industry  in general has shut down expansion until Obama is gone. This man spoke the truth about the anti-business climate that exists and the little bureaucrat shows how the power to crucify goes to his nerdy little head. Anyone as stupid as this man could not deliver the Wall Street Journal in the private world. Yet, in the Obamaworld he’s an executive with a mission. When Obama is gone dweebs like this will leave with him and adults will get these jobs.

Then jobs will be  created when these little freaks stop shutting down growth.

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