Don’t Interrogate the Enemy-Kill Him

May/31/2012 16:20PM
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It happened again. President Obama sat around with his advisers and picked a card. They rushed out and dropped a drone on the person on the card he selected. It’s a far more exciting and deadly parlor game than Clue. I guess it’s more humane than water boarding. In the end, you know nothing and have no next step other than to pick another card.

I admit I have no objections to dropping drones on war criminals. I just wonder if interrogation might be a more productive way to get intelligence that might help protect the country.

I have real problems with the hypocrisy of the acts. The man, who spoke incessantly against the evils of water boarding four captives, can kill more than four with remote devices and have no compunctions about doing that. The man who said Muslims get motivation from enhanced interrogation doesn’t think they get motivated by killing Muslim leaders? The far left seems mute on this issue. The media sees no hypocrisy in the big switch.

Here’s my other issues. First, why step this up before the election then blab about it and beat your chest like Tarzan? Aren’t you the poster boy for terrorist recruiting?

Second, remember that drone we lost in Iran? Aren’t you least bit concerned that the enemy will begin producing drones and begin to to play your parlor game too?

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