Two Losers in a Lawsuit

April/02/2012 16:37PM
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Life is fair sometimes. Al Gore, the man who invented the Internet and did more to perpetuate the myth of “global warming” and Keith Olbermann, a prominent progressive talking head are about to be locked in a lawsuit. Who can pick a winner and a loser when you have two losers suing each other.

Get this. Gore is replacing Olbermann on his failing TV channel, Clear TV,  with none other than Eliot Sptizer. In 2008, who can forget Spitzer and his wife in front of the cameras discussing his love affair with a prostitute. He went to CNN and hosted a talk show that failed. He will replace Mr. Olbermann who was fired from MSNBC for making unfortunate comments on air.

Isn’t it nice to see Gore surround himself with such dignitaries and to watch him make such astute business decisions?  Olbermann had a 5 year $50 million contract. He seemed to think coming to work was an inconvenience and trying to get along with bosses and fellow employees a drag. What a prize.

Whoever gets the assignment of trying this lawsuit will be getting a real dog’s breakfast. Permanent insanity would be a fair verdict. Olbermann might be certifiable. And, Gore needs to do time for the billions the world has spent on climate change when records show there has been zero change in temperature the past ten years. Put them in the same cell and see who survives. No need to feed Gore for a few weeks, he has been overfed for the past few years.

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