Teaching Your Kids About Socialism

April/07/2012 16:35PM
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President Obama gives a young student a lesson in Socialism.  But, this lesson is atypical of most that are taught in grade school, high school, and college. This is the type of lesson our young people need to be exposed to for a better understanding of how Socialism really works.

Five of my grand kids live in a suburban area of Chicago where most of the population is progressive liberal. This blog is a bit of an embarrassment to the older ones. All they learn in school and from friends and friends’ parents is the benefits of the left political perspective. Some of those parents read this blog. Some even comment from time to time on the blog. When kids are exposed that much to one political perspective it is hard for them to think objectively. Hence, we have some discussions from time to time.

The true history of this country is being severely censored today. Capitalism and industrialism, and the impacts they have made on the greatness of America are not part of American history in the classroom. They have been replaced by some version of the Great Society and the Green Movement.

It will get even worse at the university level. Only true rebels who think for themselves don’t get caught up by the far left professors who preach even more progressive government. El-Hi teachers are public employees and rely on government to keep sweeting their salaries and benefits. Professors, with few exceptions, have always had a far left bent.

Only when young people get in the real world and start forking over more and more of their paychecks to government, like the kid in the example with the Legos, do they begin to question how much they want to give to those who are napping.

With each generation the battle gets tougher to have young people believe in less government and more capitalism. I hope to be around when my grand kids start forking over those chucks of their paychecks to the government and begin to question all they have been taught in every classroom for nearly 20 years. It might be fun to watch.

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