Scandals Define Obama’s Leadership

April/20/2012 16:34PM
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First it was Solyndra, Dr. Chu tells Congressional Hearings there was no scandal. That he wasn’t pushed to make bad loans for a photo op. Of course, the final chapter of the Chu saga remains to be written. Chances are that most, if not all, of his loans were bad. A few billion blown into the wind.  But, unrepentant, Chu will still be grading himself a B+ and Obama will have to be reminded from time to time that there is a Dr. Chu in his administration. Keep in mind, the only accountability in any Washington job is: don’t embarrass me.


Then Obama’s friend, the former governor and senator, Corzine misplaces a billion in investor money and no one in the Obama administration can find the money. Strange, all those alphabet soup agencies crawling all over the company and the money is just gone. Corzine tells another Congressional Hearing that he knew nothing about it.  Yet, there’s an e-mail supposedly from Corzine to an employee telling her to use the investor funds to cover a short-fall.

Jeff Neely, the central figure in a General Services Administration spending scandal, sits at the witness table on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Then the GSA is found to be throwing lavish parties in nice places. Another few million spent to entertain employees and their families. Missing I-Pods, etc. The perpetrator of all this, Jeff Neeley,  is as unrepentant as Chu and Corzine. Feels he was doing the right thing for employee morale.

U.S. Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan speaks during a news conference after his meeting with Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boiko Borisov (not pictured) in Sofia October 20, 2011. REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

Finally, the Secret Service is cavorting with hookers while on duty. Supposedly clearing security for Obama. This isn’t over yet, just like Solyndra, Corzine, and the GSA scandal. There are rumors that this wan’t a one-time occurrence. The head of the Secret Service, Mark Sullivan, has Obama’s vote of confidence.

I was always taught the organization reflects the leadership at the top. A tolerant leader gets these kinds of problems. Remember Enron? When the First Lady treats taxpayer money like a black American Express Card, things get a little loose from the top down. An effective leaders takes the first sign of misbehavior and makes and example of it, thus telling everyone there will be consequences.

Finally, the hooker who had the dispute with the Secret Service Agent over payment. I guess the other 20 agents who engaged with prostitutes paid up.

The next person Obama takes to the woodshed will be his first.


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