Picture ID to Take SAT or ACT Tests

April/04/2012 22:00PM
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Students must show photo ID’s to take the SAT and/or ACT tests.

What, you want me to present a picture ID to take the SAT or ACT test? Won’t that create problems for the poor and minority high school students?

Believe it or not high school students are paying up to $3,500 a pop to have brainy pros take their tests for them. The two companies that administer the tests, the College Board and ACT Inc. agreed to precautions under public pressure brought to bear by Nassau Country District Attorney, Kathleen Rice, who is investigating 20 current or former students from well-to-do suburbs on Long Island who supposedly hired and paid others to take their tests.

But, the US Attorney General doesn’t think it is appropriate to have photo ID’s to vote. Why, because it disadvantages the poor and minorities who can’t acquire photo ID’s.

Voter fraud is OK, but test fraud is not.

Is this a great country, or what?

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