Obama’s Platform: Be Like California

April/23/2012 16:50PM
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President Obama is running on a “be like California” campaign platform. Let’s see where that takes the country.

Nearly four million more people have left California in the past twenty years.

California has AB32, or their version of Obama’s cap and tax. California’s electricity prices are 50% higher than the national average and this bill will increase that gap. This was going to create an industry of green jobs. Gee, it’s 2% of the work force, same as Texas. Does this remind you of Obama’s green energy jobs program?

Governor Moonbeam wants to raise taxes on the rich. California has the 48th-worst business tax climate now. Millionaires now pay a tax rate of 10.3%.  Even Californians who make over $48,000 pay 9.3%. These are the ones who are leaving. In droves. Moonbeam wants to take the rate to 13.3%. Illinois, wanting to be like California, may go from 3% to the 5% they went to last year, to 11%. Over the past 10 years states without an income tax have seen 58% higher population growth than the national average. Illinois has lost one resident every 10 minutes since hiking tax rates in January. If they hike it again, that will increase, at least by two. All I need is one more month in Arizona and I’m a resident. Watch me Illinois.

So, here’s what California is facing. Companies you associate with California, like Apple, Face-book, and eBay are building new offices in Austin, Texas. Here’s what Obama is facing. International companies like Exxon have no reason to stay here and pay taxes here. They do most of their business elsewhere. They are getting out of the businesses where brand means anything here. Adios America.

California is fast being left with the uber rich who don’t care about taxes, just clip some more bond coupons. Then, the public workers, who get what they want from government, and the welfare class, the 40% who pay no taxes. They have the best deal in the country so why move? Let’s see Moonbeam make that work. Meanwhile, California sits on billions of barrels of oil. But, heaven forbid, touching that would destroy the planet.

If you want to be like California, or even Illinois, vote Obama for a second term. If you don’t, look at his platform and I defy you to show me the difference between his plan and that of California.

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