Obama’s Big Singular Campaign Platform

April/16/2012 16:51PM
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Last time it was Hope and Change.  We got change, but little hope. Can’t run on accomplishments.  Beginning with closing Gitmo, there is little of that. OamaCare is unpopular and may be struck down by the Supreme Court before the election. After Obama’s attack on the court, more likely. Job market is dismal, economic growth is almost flat, the deficit is out of control, his budget was rejected by everyone in Congress, the housing market is dismal, and the public polls show most Americans are very low on hope.

So he has chosen to run on one platform. The Buffet Rule.  The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates this new tax would yield between $4 billion and $5 billion a year. Wow, I’m awed. If we collected it for the next 250 years it would not cover the Obama deficit for 2011 alone.  It must take a lot of courage to make this the keystone(pun intended, as in Keystone Pipeline) of your presidential campaign. Imagine a tax that would cover one hour of the Obama budget for 2012 as your big campaign promise.

Of course, should ObamaCare survive the Supreme Court and Obama be reelected despite the popularity of ObamaCare, we now find it will add $1.7 trillion over the next ten years per the Congressional Budget Office’s latest forecast. But, Mr. President, you told us it would save money. Except most of us didn’t believe you could give free insurance to 33 million uninsured Americans and save money.  Guess we have more common sense than you give us credit for having.

There’s the campaign in a nutshell. Run for the Buffet Rule and run against everything else. Run against the Ryan budget, or any other budget proposal that cuts spending, run against a sound energy policy, despite what yours has done to the price of gasoline, and run against everything that might fix the job market, the housing market, or economic growth.

Conjure  up demons for every positive idea. Vilify the Republicans like you did the Supreme Court. Offer nothing but class warfare as your solution to every problem.

Good luck, Mr. President, you Re

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