Obama’s Backdoor Amnesty

April/11/2012 16:46PM
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The King, the duplicitous one, the” do it my way or I’ll find a way”, the ram it through, then call it an “overwhelming majority of a democratically elected congress”, president, is about to try to slip another one by us.

He doesn’t like the Defense of Marriage act so he won’t defend it in the courts, he doesn’t like oil exploration, so he has ignored court order after court order that would allow drilling offshore. Now we can add immigration laws to that list.

He is mad that he hasn’t gotten his beloved Development, Relief, and Education for alien Minors(Dream Act), so  he is just going to decree it like any good king would do. Do it because you need the Hispanic vote in November. Use pawns like Janet Napolitano to implement it, and Luis Gutierrez(D-Ill.) to let the Hispanic community know that the Dream Act is virtually in place.

Obama follows the teachings of Saul Alinsky, the neo-communist father of modern community organizing. After all, Obama taught Alinsky’s rules in college.  This is the big one he’s following lately: “all great leaders lie and use moralistic propaganda in order to accomplish their goals. They invoke moral principles to cover naked self-interest. They must do this because all effective actions require the passport of morality. ”

Here’s how it will work. Homeland security will begin deporting aliens with criminal records. But, they will begin releasing aliens in custody who are students or who have family here. They will be issued what will be called “an unlawful presence waiver.” The public will have 60 days to comment on the new plan. But, you won’t, because it won’t be highly publicized. Obama will keep it under the radar.

Like any good king who didn’t get what he wanted from his minions, the congress, this will just be decreed.  Obama learned well from Alinsky.  Welcome to Communist America. Leaders decide what is best for you, not voters. One leader decides what is best for all elected leaders. When they don’t comply, whether it’s congress or the Supreme Court, that leader just does what he chooses.

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