Obama Solves High Gasoline Price Problem

April/22/2012 5:49AM
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Gasoline prices are displayed at a station on Feb. 21, 2012, in Oakland, Calif.


President Obama solved another tricky problem for us this week.  High gasoline prices are due to futures speculators. His solution is very simple, beef up the federal government. The cost, a mere $52 million. About the cost we will absorb to fund the Obama family vacations this year.  A real bargain.

But, just a few short weeks ago President Obama told us the president can’t do anything about high gasoline prices.  I believe he told us oil was a global commodity and the price was determined by global supply and demand. Investigations into the impact of futures trading on oil prices have not found any correlation. But, evidently Obama has.

How desperate must he be to try this ploy? How stupid does the think we are? The futures market is a zero sum game. For every dollar in profit there must be a dollar lost. For those wise speculators, who are reaping millions by pushing the oil prices up, there must be a group of very dumb investors who are giving them their money by taking the downside hedge. Let’s find them and see if they will fund the $52 million Obama needs to find the smart people who took their money.

Come on President Obama, only you and Bill O’Reilly buy this farce anymore.

Why don’t you just suck it up and tell the truth.  You want high gasoline prices. You have said as much in the past, as has your fellow Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Chu, of the DOE. Just tell us why you wanted us to pay $4 a gallon for gasoline and what benefits we can expect for our money. Tell us about why you delayed drilling in the Gulf after BP, despite court orders to stop delaying, why you delayed the Keystone pipeline, and why you take every action to raise gasoline prices.

Tell us about the money and support you get from the extreme environmental sector. Tell us why your far left liberal progressive supporters all detest fossil fuels. Tell us again why you will drive a Volt when you can. Just tell us what you really stand for, don’t spend another $52 million playing cheesy politics with us. You know it’s not speculators. You know we need more domestic production and greater independence. You know Iran is part of the problem. World supplies are dependent on Iran’s production and you are trying to starve them out. They could cut off production and you might be looking at $6 gasoline come election time this fall.

You know that China has been putting every barrel of oil they can find under contract all over the world. They need to keep fueling their 8-12% growth engine, and they know it’s oil, not windmills that will make that happen. They will sell you windmills and solar panels cheap, and put your Solyndra’s out of business here, but they are building their economy on oil. They don’t have to pander to environmental fools who dream of a world that will never exist. Sadly, you do, or choose to do.

Just stop pulling our chain. Stop with the myths. Give us the straight truth. Your position is clear. You think $8 gasoline is a good thing.


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