Media Attacks on Sheriff Joe Arpaio Intensify

April/18/2012 16:25PM
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The Feds have been after Sheriff Joe for years. Since Obama became president they have been relentless. Sheriff Joe is the the sheriff of Maricopa Country Arizona, which includes most of the population of the state. Joe is well-known because of his tent city, his pink underwear, and his tough approach to illegal visitors from other countries. He is tough on crime, and has been reelected by sound majorities because he does the will of the people, not the will of the media and special interests. He doesn’t use polls to make decsions, he uses common sense.

The DOJ is suing Joe for profiling. They tried to reach an agreement, but the DOJ insisted they have a “monitor” in Joe’s office. How would you like to go to work every day and have some geek from the DOJ looking over your shoulder every day. Joe said no, and it’s going to court.

It’s an election year and the media wants Joe gone. There’s a negative Joe story every night on all the local channels. Interspersed with a story like this. “Gunmen opened fire on a pickup truck loaded with immigrants who officials suspect are in the country illegally. Two of the migrants were killed.” There were 20-30 migrants in the truck. In the past gangs known as bajadores, or rip-off crews, have ambushed groups of illegal immigrants to hold them for ransom.”

Are you seeing news stories like this in NYC, Chicago, or Atlanta? How does the media come off suspecting they were here illegally?(isn’t that profiing?) How do you get 20-30 people in a pick-up truck?  If a new industry has grown up, one that captures  someone’s illegals being brought in for money, to hold them for ransom, is there a problem here?

Who works on the problem? Not President Obama, who sees 20-30 new Obama voters coming across the border. Not Janet Napolitano who had her chance when she was governor of Arizona. Just Sheriff Joe.

Who is tired of the problem. About 70% of Arizona citizens. Who will vote for Sheriff Joe this November? Those 70%.

How many politicians in this country thumb their nose at the media? The media believes they call the shots. If they pander for a candidate, like Obama, that candidate gets elected. When the media dropped Hillary for Barack, Barack got the nod. How many candidates ignore special interest groups? The Keystone Pipeline would be shipping oil to Texas refineries if Obama did.

Bring it Arizona media. Joe will get reelected. Joe will win the lawsuit with the DOJ. All you accomplish with the attacks is to show a majority of Arizona viewers that you are incapable of independent journalism and in the tank for the progressive cause.

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