Chu Gives Himself an A on Gasoline Prices

April/08/2012 16:06PM
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Isn’t it great to watch someone who is completely delusional give himself a performance appraisal?  Here is Dr. Chu, head of  the DOE, responding to a question on gasoline prices. When I pull up to the pump these days and see the $70 figure eclipsed, I seem to have a different grade in mind for Dr. Chu. Keep in mind this is the man who has invested billions of your tax dollars in great companies like Solyndra to provide energy alternatives for the future.

Does this make you wonder if anyone in a cabinet position under Obama ever gets to meet with Obama to discuss performance? How would Obama know what a performance review is? He’s never had one and probably never given one. So Chu grades himself.

How would you grade Chu? Would Chu even have his job after Solyndra? What is Chu’s goal? To provide actual results or to describe activities, regardless of the end-result of those activities.

This is not just a Chu problem, this is a Washington problem. As Joe Biden said, ” I never really wanted a real job”. Real jobs require results. Washington jobs do not.

Obama never had a real job. He never had to produce results. I’m sure he grades himself higher than Chu on jobs, the economy, Iraq, and every other key area.

Only you can give Chu a grade, by voting out the man who is responsible for putting Chu in the job. If you think Chu is an A performer, vote for Obama, if not, vote for “other than Obama”.

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