Art Laffer Talks Sense

April/14/2012 21:15PM
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Art Laffer of the Laffer Curve, talks sense about economics. He compares California and Texas and explains the difference in their respective economic conditions. He praises President Kennedy, his brother Robert, Bill Clinton, and others who understood how you keep the American economy healthy. As Reagan’s former  economic expert, he is a big Reagan fan.

He speaks in language we can all understand. He is not unkind, even to the likes of Jerry Brown. Or, it may be unkind to say Brown knows how to fix California, he just chooses not to do that. He points out that California is first in the nation in spending per student in education and 49th on  test scores.

It’s healthy to listen to a man like Mr. Laffer. Perhaps he needs a key spot in a new administration in 2013.

To watch: click here.


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