The Definition of Blowing Smoke

March/12/2012 16:14PM
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This is the very tool that was used to blow smoke. It was used as a smoke enema. Since you are all adults and know how an enema works, there is no need for me to get graphic here.  This tool coined the phrase blowing smoke up one’s ass. It was mostly used to attempt to resuscitate drowning victims. The tool fell out of favor with the medical profession. But, it never fell out of favor in Washington, DC. It’s alive and well there.

When the President of the United States speaks about all of his contributions to energy independence you should get a warm feeling in your rectal area. When he touts his ObamaCare, the same feeling should happen. Or, what he plans to do about the deficit. There are any number of topics he might discuss that will require him to use this tool to get the desired effect.


Be alert. The next time you force yourself to watch the great orator speak, you might want to make sure you are not being hooked up to this machine for the duration.


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