Senator Dick Durbin Has His Priorities Right

March/24/2012 16:33PM
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The state of Illinois is broke. The previous governor just went to prison, but not to the same prison the governor before him chose. The current governor is a pawn to the Democratic machine headed by Michael Madigan, the machine that has broken the state and helped sent the two governors to prison by helping them find ways to profit from their office. The Godfather of Illinois, one William Cellini, was tried and convicted and is appealing his conviction. Supposedly, Cellini knows where all the bones are buried and will sing like a canary if he doesn’t win the appeal. This will put some more high ranking Illinois politicians away.

The country is in trouble. The jobless rate is too high and remains stubbornly too high. Durbins’s far-left liberal friend, the president, is facing a tough election. Gasoline prices are too high, Illinois ranking near the top due to gasoline taxes there being the highest in the country. Companies are leaving Illinois because the corporate taxes are near the highest in the country. Everything Durbin touches seems to go wrong.

His state needs him, his country needs him, not to fix things he’s already broken, but to go away and retire so some one capable can replace him and fix what he’s broken, his friend Obama has broken, and what his Democratic machine in Illinois has broken. But, that won’t happen. Durbin is there for the duration. He’s a prime example of why we need term limits. Want further proof? Here’s what Durbin is working on this week. Re-read all the issues he is facing(above) again. Dick’s got his plate full. Which problem did he address first?

Senator Dick Durbin is calling for hearings over the New Orleans Saints bounty program.(where the Saints paid players when they injured a player on the other team so badly he couldn’t finish the game) He, the assistant Senate majority leader, wants to examine whether federal law should make such bounty systems a crime. He finds bounties a “disturbing practice” and plans to ask representatives of the NFL ,Major League Baseball, NBA, and NCAA to testify at the hearing. Durbin is not only planning to waste his time, but the time of the rest of the senators, and all those he calls to testify.

This is the best example of the need for term limits I can give you. It’s a chance to grandstand with sports fans. Durbin, a man who probably never played a sport, gets to hob nob with real sports people on C-Span. His dog and pony show will be on sports news, a new opportunity to get his cheesy smile exposed. Hell, why not call in pro golfers too? They could start beating each other with clubs any day.

This is why the deficit will never get fixed.

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