Obama’s Approval Rating at 41% an All-Time Low

March/15/2012 16:30PM
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OH, how did this happen? What went wrong? The stock market is up, the Republicans are tearing each other up, the economy is turning around, and Obama’s approval ratings hit an all-time low of 41%? It’s the gas prices, stupid. Read my lips, it’s the gas prices. It’s really this simple, people know how you stand on energy. You told them when you stopped the Keystone Pipeline. It was the worst of thousands of bad decisions you have made in three years, but this one will get some lucky Republican your job.  You can’t spin it, run the tape backward, or lie about it like you do so well. 

The public understands you clearly, Mr. President. You want to put propellers and solar panels on their cars. Newt is out there talking about $2.50 gasoline and the public is listening. He caused you a little problem in your last campaign, remember? He hauled all those Drill Now petitions into Washington. Then, as now, you lied. You said you would step up drilling in the Gulf and all over the country. But, the facts are out there and we all get to read them.  You say our domestic production is up, but not due to you, Mr. President, due to Bush.  You have slowed everything down when it comes to energy that doesn’t meet your definition of green.  Windmills that kill rare birds, solar farms that require millions of gallons of scarce water, electric cars that don’t sell, or investing billions in bogus companies that will go broke(Solyndra), or stopping pipelines that would bring secure Canadian crude to Texas refineries.

The correlation between your approval rating and the price of gasoline is linear. At $4 you are at 40%, at $5 you will hit 30%, and at $6, 20%, just those who walk to get their government benefits.

Don’t crank up the propaganda machine. It will be a waste of time. Crazy isn’t it. Just when everything started going your way, the bottom drops out. That’s politics. Could be worse, your old buddy Blago went off to prison yesterday. Now, that’s bad.

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