ObamaCare May Cost Obama the Election

March/01/2012 16:46PM
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According to a poll published by USA Today, voters in swing states don’t like ObamaCare. It’s the jamming it down their throats they don’t like. Funny thing about we Americans we don’t much like anything forced upon us. The poll was conducted in a dozen swing states. Santorum beats Obama 50%-45% in the swing states polled. Romeny: 48-46%. Here’s the kicker, 76% of pollees responded that the bill was unconstitutional.

In other key areas, 53% felt it was a bad thing compared to 50% in nationwide. And, 42% said it will make things worse vs. 20% better. Fifty three percent fell it should be repealed, 32% strongly and 21% just favor vs. 40% who oppose repeal, 18% strongly and 22% who just want to keep the bill.

Could it be that the crown jewel of Obama’s term will bring him down? It’s an unpopular bill and Obama will have to run against that attitude. He can’t blame this on Bush, the Republicans, or the rich. It’s his and all his.

This might explain Santorum’s momentum. It also might make him a better candidate to run against Obama. It’s hard to run against a man who passed the same bill you passed when you were a governor. These swing states will determine the next president. Voters are never given enough credit for translating their true feelings into votes. But, in this case, as usual, they may be doing just that.

All the so-called pundits say keep the economy front and center. But, this poll suggests the final candidate needs to keep ObamaCare front and center. The Supreme Court may have something to say about all this before the election. If the court rules in favor of the people, where does Obama stand? My guess, his bill is gone and he’s gone with the bill.

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