Obama Can’t Even Raise Campaign Funds

March/16/2012 16:54PM
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Jay Leno told a joke the other night. A rare shot at the President. It went like this: when asked when he was going to do something about the gasoline prices, Obama responded, “as soon as I do my next 6 fund raisers.” Even Leno’s lame joke writers have noticed what Obama has done the most the last three years, campaign fund raisers. Remember, the goal was to have a billion dollar war chest by the 2012 campaign kickoff. Enough, not only to assure Obama would win, but enough to take over the Congress again. The Fund Raiser-in-Chief, would carry the day for the Democrats. He has broken all presidential records for the numbers of fund raisers attended in his first term.

Like everything else with Obama, when you peel back the onion you find results to be far different than hype. Obama just doesn’t do results well. Accountability is just not his thing. Campaign monies have trickled in at a rate of about half of the $50 million a month needed to reach the $1 billion goal.

Reports show that just 7% of the 2008 donors renewed their support so far. His emails are now asking for $3 instead of the $10-50 they requested in 2008. Plus, he’s burning through cash fast.

When you are a poor manager with a big ego you hire too much staff. He ran at 57% expenses to money raised for the fourth quarter. When you are a big spender you don’t adjust staff when you find you are over spending. So, in January, he spent 158% of donations. He’s running his campaign finance just like he runs our country. Deficit spending.

Supposedly, Obama has told the DNC not to count on him for any money to help others get elected.

There you have it folks. He will break his campaign bank before the campaign kicks off. Those of you who feared the billion dollars in the bank would make it impossible to beat Obama in 2012 can sleep easier tonight.

We pay him to attend a campaign fund raiser every three days, 107 since last fall, and he flops despite that. Then he mismanages the trickle of money that brings in, so he’s wasting his time. The good news is he’s not working at anything regarding his job. That means less is being screwed up there. So, it’s a good thing to pay him to do nothing, better than paying him to do real work.

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