Fracking for Jobs

March/18/2012 16:17PM
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Despite the government fracking goes on and natural gas gets found. Pennsylvania has been a hot spot for new natural gas discoveries. The gas discoveries and production have created new jobs in Pennsylvania, revenues for the state, new millionaire landowners, and all that comes with progress. New York, naturally, being brain dead has watched as Pennsylvania has gained.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Shell has announced plans to build a new $2 billion chemical plant in an area of Pennsylvania where steel mills once existed. You see, chemical plants use natural gas for a feedstock. So far they haven’t been able to use the wind or sun to produce chemicals. But, I’m sure Obama is working on that. Maybe algae, Obama’s latest solution for high gasoline prices. But, back to the facts, this plant will be an ethane cracker. None have been built in the U.S. since 2000. Why, the U.S. petrochemical industry was moving to the Middle East where cheap natural gas was available.

This plant will employ 10,000 construction workers and when finished 10,000 permanent jobs. Pennsylvania was competing with Ohio and West Virginia for the plant. California need not apply, they, too, are brain dead.

How nice. A new plant that will not go broke, like Solyndra, did not require a penny of your tax dollars, and will be a real shot in the arm for Pittsburgh. A novel idea called capitalism.

An industry, the oil industry, finds a new technology, fracking. A state gives them permits to frack. The state charges them a royalty. A local farmer leases some land. The farmer gets cash up-front and money from every bit of natural gas the wells produce forever. The state reduces it’s budget deficit. The farmer spends a lot of new-found wealth in the community. Local merchants sell more and hire people to help sell more. The same industry, the oil industry, comes in and builds a $2 billion chemical plant. Now the community really does well.(can you say North Dakota). Ten thousand construction workers move in. Real estate prices go up. Local merchants sell even more. Wages go up since employees are scarce. The state gets more revenue. The plant is finished and 10,000 local have an opportunity for new jobs, high paying union jobs. Real estate prices and local wages go up even more. This is called capitalism for those of you who have forgotten how that works under Obama.

This is called ObamaNomics. Dr. Chu gives a few million of your tax dollars to a start-up that will convert algae to fuel. Obama and Chu’s new kick. They hire a few PHD’s who can’t find work because no one is buying climate change anymore. They study algae in a lab in Palo Alto. Soon the money is gone. But, they bring Chu a business plan to build an algae farm. Chu gives them a few million more. They start building the algae farm, but need more money. Chu gives them more. They produce a few gallons of fuel. The cost is $30 a gallon. Only the government buys the fuel. Chu tells them to produce cheaper fuel. They can’t so the farm closes. The few jobs go away and the taxpayer money does too. This is called an Obama energy strategy.

Simple isn’t it. One works and the other never does. But, the politicians still want to stop fracking. It is killing the wind and solar business. The dreams of fools. In one investment is made by businessmen who see an opportunity and are willing to take risk. In the second, a community organizer and a lab rat, both Nobel winners, pick winners and losers using a loser only criteria. They don’t risk their money, they risk yours. When it fails they just lie. The photo ops were worth the money lost.

We can have $2.50 gasoline in this country. But, Obama won’t make it happen. He will make sure it doesn’t happen if you let him. Here’s the choice and it’s clear. Bet on enough oil being discovered, like natural gas has been by the oil industry in lands freed up for production, or bet your farm on running your SUV on algae. Plain and simple. Romney will get you oil, Obama will grow algae.

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