Do You Know What IPAB Means?

March/20/2012 16:59PM
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I had never heard of the IPAB, or Independent Payment Advisory Board. It’s a 15 person central committee, can you say USSR, that is designed under ObamaCare to control health care costs. Health care decisions can’t be left to you and me to make. We lack wisdom and common sense. Your doctor is not qualified to make decisions of this magnitude. Only a hand picked group of 15 can do this for you, your doctor, your insurer, your hospital, your fellow taxpayer, and for the good of the country. What exceptional people this group must be. Let’s put them on Jeopardy and see how they fare.

A Republican, Phil Roe(Tennessee), introduced a bill to kill the IPAB. It’s like the issue the Supreme Court is hearing over the constitutionality of forcing someone to buy health insurance. These are two key cogs in the entire ObamaCare program. If the Supreme Court rules against ObamaCare, it’s back to the drawing board, if Congress passes the Roe bill, and kills the IPAB, it’s almost as bad. Go Congress, go Supreme Court.

If neither happen, here’s what the IPAB will do. When spending exceeds budget in a key category, the IPAB will issue price controls. This is the group that will pull the plug on you if you are on Medicare. They will set rates that doctors will refuse to accept. Knee replacements this year, $19.99, we, ObamaCare are out of money for new knees, ran out in July, sorry.

There is hope. Roe and 234 members, including 20 Democrats, co-sponsored his bill. It will be up for vote soon. Then, of course, if it passes the House, it will face Reid. It probably will never reach the Senate floor for a vote. But, Senate Democrats up for reelection this year might take an interest. The pubic exposure to the real existence of the Death Panel might help. That’s my job, so consider yourself exposed.

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