Anyone But Obama

March/10/2012 19:00PM
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I’m going out on a limb and predict the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election. The winner will be anyone but Obama.

Americans who want a new president, and a new agenda for the country, seem really nervous right now. The media, behaving like the Tass that they are, love to show the way the Republican candidates are beating each other up and showing their respective flaws. The same media that will continue that attack after the Republican Convention, and the campaign gets started in earnest. Despite that, Obama can’t win. Sarah Palin could beat him this year.

It’s really simple. In three weeks the Supreme Court will begin hearings on the constitutionality of ObamaCare. It will get down to one vote. Scalia will cast the deciding vote. He has a long history of favoring congressional control over commerce, the key issue in the case. If Justice Scalia comes down against the mandatory clause in ObamaCare, it will help Obama in the coming election. Embarrassing as it is, it will be better than carrying that burden into the campaign.

But, it really doesn’t’ matter. I was old enough to remember Carter and his campaign for a second term. The American public had enough of Jimmy and the rest is history. The American public has their fill of Obama and the outcome will be the same.

Doesn’t matter it it’s Romney, Santorum, or even Newt, anyone but Obama will win. In some ways Newt might be the best choice. He’s right about $2.50 gasoline. Just look at North Dakota and their success. In short order the Bakken formation has become the biggest producer of oil and gas in the country. The state is full of new millionaires who are buying things and paying taxes. Houses can’t be built fast enough and McDonald’s is paying $18 and hour to get employees. Plus, the state has a surplus budget. And, the lowest unemployment in the country. The only thing keeping us from duplicating that all over the nation is politicians. Just as Dean Smith, the North Carolina coach, was the only person who could hold Michael Jordan under 20 points when Michael played for Dean, the only thing keeping us from $2.50 gasoline is Obama.

Which brings me to Anyone but Obama. On the token vote in the Senate to approve the Keystone Pipeline and force Obama to veto it, several Democrats voted for the proposal. Those, who are beginning to believe Anyone but Obama might win in November, are beginning to cover their own asses.

I did predict Carter would lose and I will predict again Obama will lose. Incompetence never wins for long in America. Only if you belong to a union.

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