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February/08/2012 16:52PM
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For some reason, this struck me as funny. Chris Christie was quoted as saying, “one-per centers, occupy New Jersey” Leave it to Christie to put it in perspective. He wants to put the welcome mat out for all of the most wealth that are fleeing New York. He sees the benefits to having them in his state. They spend more, pay more in total taxes, hire people to work for them, and tend to obey the law. While Obama wants to set the very rich up as those who don’t follow the teachings of Jesus, Christie loves them.

Quietly, with almost no fanfare from the media, who gave them so much attention, the Occupy Wall Street movement has died. What a waste that was. Trashing cities for no cause. Whipped up by Obama’s class war, they just spent time raping and beating each other, defecating and urinating in public, destroying public property, interrupting businesses, and chewing up tax dollars. Finally, the cities had enough and ran them off.

Liberals behaving badly as they always seem to do when they want to make some point. Disorganized and leaderless, just like the party they represent. Complaining that they aren’t getting enough from their government. Jobless and not really looking for one, they threw one hell of a party for months in cities all across the country. For what? To throw a party.

This didn’t do Obama and his supporters any good. The independent voter didn’t get it just like most of us. They may have gotten the connection between the class war Obama is whipping up and the result of his whipping it up. They may choose not to be a part of the people who responded to the call. They don’t seem to relate to his group of misfits.

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