My New Debt Reduction Clock

February/27/2012 16:40PM
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I bought a new debt reduction clock.  Just as the clock in Washignton tallies our debt, minute by minute, second by second, this clock I bought will show the days until the debt clock will reverse and start down rather than continue to go up.  It’s not all that expensive, you can go to and buy one of your own. It’s a hot item.

Here are the numbers. Obama’s budget he sent to Congress has reductions, $4 trillion over  the next 10 years. Here’s the key, the plan would add $6.7 trillion in deficits over the next decade with the debt-to-GDP ratio creeping up to 77% through 2022. The deficit-reduction commission Obama put to work and then promptly ignored would have dropped the debt to GDP ratio to 60% and kept it heading down. Obama even takes credit for $850 billion in savings from the two wars. That was borrowed money. How do you take credit for avoiding taking on more debt? Easy if you have zero integrity.  You can even pretend that Social Security is just fine.  Don’t even mention page 465 of the Analytical Perspectives attached to the budget that shows Social Security will drain the Treasury of a half trillion dollars between 2011 and 2017.


This president has no intention to stop reckless spending. Regardless of what you think of him and his first term, if you don’t want to see this country become like Europe, get yourself a clock and check it daily. It’s my answer to hope and change for our country.

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