Holder is Guilty Either Way

February/06/2012 16:25PM
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Eric Holder is the best thing that ever happened to Republicans. He just keeps creating problems for Obama and refuses to back down on any mistakes. It’s very easy to see why he and the president are close friends. Each has an inflated sense of capability and destiny. Each is as far left as a public figure dares to be in this country to hold his position.

Holder got called to the woodshed again about operation fast and furious. Once again he pleads ignorance. Says he knew nothing about a big operation that required big dollars to finance. According to Holder it’s just something some low-level operatives cooked up in that rebel state of Arizona. Probably Sheriff Joe making trouble again. He knew absolutely nothing about it. He’s starting to sound a little like Tricky Dick Nixon and we know what happened to him. He lied through his teeth until the dirt piled too deep and evidence kept coming forth and away he went in disgrace. The problem with Holder is no one believes he is telling the truth. Deep down, not even the Democrats. But, he’s too far into this to start coming clean now. If he’s lying, he’s facing criminal charges now.

What if he’s not lying? What if he’s just lazy and incompetent and knows his boss won’t fire him regardless of what he does or doesn’t do? What if he only pays attention to the things that interest him, like trying terrorists in New York City, and doesn’t even read his mail.

A competent person would have a hard time making as much trouble for his boss as Holder has in just three years. He must really be a close friend of that boss.

I tend to believe Obama would not risk his next term on Holder if he was lying. So, he isn’t guilty of putting together an inane plan to run guns into Mexico, nor did he directly approve such a plan, nor did he even know about the plan.

He’s just incompetent and lazy. Why should we expect more from the Attorney General of the United States under President Obama?

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