Arizona Turns 100 Today

February/14/2012 18:56PM
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The best looking state flag in the nation waves over Arizona on her 100th birthday.
The history of Arizona becoming a state tells quite a story.  The harassment Arizona is receiving today from Washington is not new to Arizona.  The state’s immigration bill 1070 is tied up in the courts.  President Obama doesn’t like what governor Jan Brewer wrote in her book, Scorpions for Breakfast, about his royal highness.  Expressing same upon deplaning in her state, not his, he found Arizona women don’t take rudeness lightly.  She gave him attitude back, including the famous finger in the face.  Wrong finger governor.
The Department  of Justice, or injustice under Holder, is after Arizona’s famous sheriff Joe.  Like Brewer, he doesn’t care much how Washington wants to waste time and resources.  He works for the people of Arizona, not Holder.  Thank goodness.  Otherwise we would be spending millions in tax dollars we don ‘t  have to build jails to replace Joe’s tents.
Interestingly, this is how Arizona has always been treated by Washington. It took Arizona 56 years from being named a territory to becoming a state. Starting in 1856 settlers of this desert had twice petitioned Washington for a separate Arizona Territory, and twice they were told no. On March 16,1861, a month before Civil War broke out, Arizona was pledged a Confederate state.
What did Washington do? They pulled the troops out of Arizona. Leaving the people to the Mexican Bandits and Apache Chief Cochise.  One Lt. Col. John R. Baylor came to the rescue. He declared the area a Confederate Territory. In early 1862 Jefferson Davis created the Confederate Territory of Arizona. That woke Abraham Lincoln.  He jumped in and created the Territory of Arizona on Feb. 24,1863.  It couldn’t be long before Arizona would become a state. In 1891 a constitution was written and delivered to Washington by train. Congress threw them out. Seven years later they got the call for a volunteer army to fight in the Spanish-American War.  Thousands volunteered, more than needed, and they were the first to volunteer  and became Rosevelt’s Rough Riders. That didn’t get the ticket punched.
In 2010 Taft told the leaders of Arizona to bring a constitution to Washington. They did, he didn’t like it, and vetoed statehood. After removing items not liked by Taft, but like by Arizona voters,  Arizona was finally declared a state on Feb. 14, 2012.  The celebrations began.
Arizona was different then and is different yet today. Independent people from across the country and around the world. People who still want to carry guns in public, live outdoors as much as possible, and people who can take the heat. a wonderful mix of friendly folks who believe they can run the state better than Obama.
God Bless Arizona.
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