Another Great Idea From Eric Holder

February/23/2012 16:17PM
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Does it seem to anyone other than me that Eric Holder has to work hard at being controversial? Trying terrorists in New York City, suing the state of Arizona for doing what the Federal government doesn’t do in enforcing the Federal government’s immigration laws, running guns into Mexico, refusing to prosecute thugs intimidating voters at the polling place, etc, etc. Is he working hard to embarrass Obama or what?

Here’s his new mission. Bone marrow transplants save lives. I have friends who have watched dying relatives be restored to health by bone marrow transplants. Technology has made the procedure very simple, quick, and painless. This should make it much easier and quicker to get help for patients needing this transplant.

A 1984 National Organ Transplant Act makes it illegal for patients who need transplants to provide compensation to donors. It was intended to keep poor from selling organs. Somehow bone marrow was covered under that law. But, the body keeps producing bone marrow, unlike donated organs.

A effort was made to take bone marrow out of that act so compensation could be paid donors, like blood donors, and more people needing this to survive could have access to a donor. A three judge panel from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that compensation could be given for bone marrow based on compensation for blood and the similarities.

But, that didn’t work for Eric Holder. He jumped in and had his lawyers contend that compensation would undermine the efforts to encourage voluntary donations and Congress established under the act that bone marrow should not be subject to “market forces”.

Funny thing, but African Americans have the most issues with bone marrow. Only 25% of the time can they find a match vs. 75% for whites. So, opening it up to paid donors would help blacks the most.

It seems like the 7 million who have already volunteered to donate bone marrow will not stop because compensation might be given. And, millions more who need money for various reasons would step up and volunteer. Who loses in this deal?

Hopefully, the Ninth Circuit will throw Holder’s suit out and bone marrow will become like blood donations and anyone needed this to live will find a match and have that option despite the intentions of a misguided Attorney General. One who needs to find a new job.

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