This Proposed Law Says it All

January/06/2012 16:32PM
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Big Brother is taking over America. Elected officials have no sense of priority.

The educational system is broken.

An Indiana legislator isn’t concerned about the low test scores by our kids, but she is very concerned about how the national anthem is sung.

Veneta Bechker, R-Evansville, a state senator, has proposed a law that would impose a fine on anyone singing the national anthem in public schools and universities, should that performer, professional or amateur not get the words correct.

Not a novel idea, two states, Michigan and Massachusetts already have standards in place for the singing of the national anthem in public places.

You wonder why this country is headed in a bad direction. We have elected idiots who have no regard for priority or accountability. Brushing their teeth while their house burns down. And we watch, seemingly helpless.

Just over a year ago President Obama made a stirring speech in Tucson pleading for more civility in politics. To show how much he takes that to heart, he made three illegal appointments to appease big labor and show Republicans his arrogance and disregard for working together to run the country.

Just watch how uncivil he will be when the real election campaign starts.

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