Suddenly Obama’s Natural Gas

January/25/2012 16:35PM
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I’m writing this before the eagerly anticipated State of the Union lie on 1-24-12. Amazing, the man who has no less than eight departments and agencies eying fracking, the process that has liberated untapped gas, with the intent to add regulations. No new natural gas is being produced on any public lands. No permits have been issued. The oil and gas industry doing the job on natural gas complain about the roadblocks the Obama administration has put up to delay drilling.

The oil industry has made the natural gas boon without one ounce of assistance or encouragement from the government. The natural gas price is so low two things are about to happen. First, export terminals are about to built to export surplus gas in the form of liquefied natural gas. Second, the industry is cutting capital budgets to drill more in the US.

Obama has never once pushed for CGN as a replacement for gasoline. Boone Pickens spent millions doing that. Obama wants electric cars. But, does that make sense if we are going to export natural gas?

Natural gas is saving Obama’s bacon with his closing of coal fired power plants. Without it we would be facing power price increases and possible brownouts. Coal mines are closing. Obama is putting another industry in the unemployment line.

Now that homeowners see the heating bills go down, Obama sees another opportunity to take credit for something he had nothing to do with. You will see Obama’s unabashed arrogance. He will stake his claim to the development of new natural gas in this country. This man has absolutely no shame.

If you are dumb enough to let him get away with it, you’ll get him for another four years. Fracking will be shut down sometime in those early years. Obama never learned the lesson my Dad taught me, “if you blow your own horn too much, someone will use it for a funnel”. In the case of Obama, the horn is so big it will take a fire hose.

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