January 3 is a Big Day

January/01/2012 23:49PM
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Not because it’s my birthday, but because January 3 marks the end of the Iowa Primaries. The best example of our need for election reform we will ever see. Weeks of nothing but the Iowa Caucuses on TV. Weeks of polls showing Iowans shuffle the deck with the Republican candidates. Weeks of candidates going back and forth across the state.

Millions of dollars in campaign ads. Millions of dollars in organizational dollars. Thousands of man hours. Millions of network dollars covering this campaign. Millions of advertiser dollars spent on the networks covering this circus.

For what? It is estimated that 150,000 will cast votes. How absurd is that? How dumb has this country become? It’s not like Iowa predicts the primary outcome. If you watched every televised hour of all this you would probably have seen everyone who will cast a vote on TV.

There has to be a better way to nominate a presidential candidate. The rest of the country has to take a position that we’ve had enough of this. This reminds me of the monarchy in the UK. Something that has long ago outlived it’s usefulness. Tradition that makes us clowns in the circus.

Get real America. Marketers don’t even say, “if it plays in Peoria, it’s play in America” anymore.

I love Iowa and Iowans. It’s Middle America at it’s best. Hard working honest people who aren’t camped out in some park with a bong. But, enough is enough.

On my birthday, I won’t be celebrating my birthday, but the end of the Iowa primaries.

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